Meet Buster Needham & Artie Needham

Hy-Tech Mushroom Compost & Needham Farms

Buster Needham started growing mushrooms at his own Needham Farms in Chester County in 1958. Since that time, two sons have joined him, and they have expanded their operations to Hy-Tech Mushroom Compost, a company that provides mushroom substrate, the organic growing medium for mushroom production, and a unique stage III product that allows anyone to grow mushrooms from a block mixed with spawn and compost. Hy-Tech Mushroom Compost, led by Buster Needham & Artie Needham, has embraced innovation as a key part of its business strategy, leading to its long-standing success.

Meet Gale Ferranto & Peter Ferranto

Buona Foods & Bella Mushroom Farms

Gale Ferranto and Peter Ferranto are siblings who operate Buona Foods, which grows, harvests and packs local Pennsylvania mushrooms every day and ships them out to your local stores. Bella Mushroom Farms, their growing facility, has 16 mushroom houses totaling 116,000 square feet, employs 30 people and grows mushrooms year-round. A three-generation family business, Buona Foods is a long-established local operation that is sure to be around for years to come.

Meet Joe DiNorscia

Laurel Valley Soils & Skyland, USA

Joe DiNorscia has been working in the mushroom farm community since 1973. A former president of AMI and an integral part of Laurel Valley Farms and Laurel Valley Soils, he is currently President of Skyland, USA.  Skyland is a great example of mushroom farms’ dedication to recycling: it takes mushroom compost – a by-product of the mushroom growing process – and turns it into a certified green roof media, an engineered soil for green roofs. This soil, sold as rooflite, allows different types of vegetation to grow on roofs all over the United States.  With a customer list including Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and the Department of Homeland Security, Skyland is rapidly growing and establishing itself as the premier provider of soil for the green roof industry.